Scooby Canada is dedicated to raising awareness of the Spanish Galgos and all the dogs at the Scooby Animal Refuge in Medina del Campo, Spain. Together we can make a big difference for the animals that desperately need our help.



“Time is valuable. Volunteering is invaluable.”
Scooby is always in need of helping hands and big hearts.



“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”
We’d love for you to adopt one!



“It’s not what you give that matters. But that it’s in you to give.”
We can’t do it without you!

Scooby Medina

Latest Posts

Foster Homes Needed

Scooby (in Spain) is overflowing with dogs. Many who have been waiting over a year to find a home. Although these dogs are well cared for at the shelter, we never want to see a […]

Home for the holidays

Name: Stilton Date of birth 04/04/2015 Arrival at shelter: 06/14/2015 At only two and a half months of age, Stilton was slated for a life in a shelter. Who could resist this adorable face – […]

A Christmas Wish from Germany

It’s a long story, but a good story… It’s Eva here… some of you might know that I manage the email account for the shelter in Spain.  I have been doing so since 2004 […]

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