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Nero (known as Negro at the shelter) ~ Galgo/Lab Mix

In foster care in Orilla, Ontario


He was one of the longest residents at the Scooby shelter, Nero had been overlooked for over 4 years, but has finally arrived to Canada.

More about Negro (Nero)

Age: February 4, 2012
Arrived at shelter: October 1, 2013
Sex: male/neutered
Breed: We believe Negro (Nero) is  a Galgo/Labrador or mastin mix.
Weight: 66lbs (as of November 21, 2017)

Nero is a social, balance male who gets along well both male and female dogs.  He has been tested with cats and did well.  you can view the cat test video here.
He is also pretty good on a leash, which is amazing since a year ago, he hated his collar and the leash was 100% a no go! But look at him here… completely outfitted and ready to go for a walk. We think he would have probably walked straight to Canada when this video was made. He is READY! Nero on a leash.

My name is Negro at the shelter but my foster mom has already chosen a new name for me. Something with meaning and not just about my colour.  My new name is Nero. I arrived at Scooby on October 1, 2013. My birthday is February 4, 2012… so I was only a year old. I didn’t want to grow up in a shelter, but I did and you know what, I am still a really good dog.”

Nero is noble, reserved, loyal, sensible.  He makes himself unnoticed and watches you from a distance until he is sure you are a friend. We prefer not to think, not to know what(or who) made him so suspicious. But he is brave and clever and although not an pushy dog he likes and loves people. When you visit his paddock he doesn’t  jump on you but you can be sure he is happy to see you, the happiest in his paddock.

He looks at you waggling his tail and when you are “free” he comes slowly and gives you a shy kiss. He feels relaxed near the people he knows. He loves playing with toys. He is well-mannered and knows “Sit!”. He is good with other dogs; being with his friends gives him security. Nero finally trusts people again so he now needs someone who also trusts him and who will give him a proper loving home.

Medical details on Nero:

Cost to adopt Nero:

If you are interested in adopting Nero, please complete the application here.


CUBA ~ Galgo in foster care in BC, Canada.

Cuba arrived to Canada in November 2016 and was fostered for a year in Regina, Saskatchewan where she lived with three other Galgos.  She was adopted in BC in October 2017. Unfortunately, through no fault of her own, we are looking for a new home for Cuba. Due to Cuba’s extensive travel over the last year, we are not flying her out of the Province of BC.  At the moment, she will be moved to a foster home. If you are interested in adopting Cuba, please complete the adoption application found here.


More about Cuba

Age: Born 2012
Sex: female/spayed
Breed: Galgo
Weight: 56 pounds (as of October 2017)
Medical: Up to date on her vaccinations, spayed and she has a European Pet Passport and is micro chipped.

Cuba is completely housetrained and is use to living in an urban household environment. She can be left alone in the house for reasonable periods of time. She likes toys but she is not destructive with them. She also likes to sneak off with shoes, socks, gloves or whatever and pile them around her – a collector!
A suitable fence is required because she will chase what she considers prey and is an exceptionally fast runner. At approximately 5 years of age, she is an active Galgo and would benefit the company of a dog with similar activity levels.  A dog companion for Cuba is required as she has never been without. She’s great on walks, good with male and female dogs and with meeting new people. It’s doubtful that she is cat safe.

Cuba is comfortable with the people she knows however she is wary of strangers. She’s not a dog that demands attention and she won’t try to sit on your lap. Similarly, she enjoys her pack mates but avoids dogs she does not know. Cuba loves to go for walks and is excellent on the leash. She’s not a picky eater and has a wonderful habit of jumping up and down just before her food bowl is served.

Cuba’s history in Spain
Cuba was found abandoned in rural Spain. She was rescued from the pound in Valladolid by Scooby Medina. Due to her quiet and undemanding nature, she was kennelled with a dog suffering a severe leg injury. This dog with the leg injury was adopted in Canada. Not long after, Cuba made her way to the same household as this dog, but unfortunately they weren’t as “simpatico” as they were in Spain… hence why Cuba was not adopted by her foster home.

Adoption fee: $650 CND


Cuba in foster care.

Cuba in foster care.

Cuba in foster care.

Cuba in foster care.

Cuba in foster care.

Cuba in foster care.