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Available Dogs

Nero, Galgo/Lab Mix

Age: February 4, 2012
Sex: male/neutered
Breed:  Galgo/Labrador mix.
Weight: 66lbs (as of November 21, 2017)
Location: In foster care in Innisfil, Ontario and living with a greyhound and cats.

Cost to adopt Nero is $300 CND. This includes:

If you are interested in adopting Nero, please complete the application here.

January 18, 2018

Nero continues to thrive in his foster home. Although, we think he is becoming attached and would love to find him a forever home soon.  Nero’s ideal home looks like this:

December 22, 2017

Nero is settling in well and is doing great with his greyhound buddy, Marty. He also lives in harmony with the house cats – they don’t like him, but he doesn’t care His foster family is working on recall. In the home he is 100% but outside he’s about 50/50… so high value treats are being dispensed. It’s amazing the power of a squirrel on a dog. Nero never saw one in Spain, but knew as soon as he saw one here, that they were the enemy. 

December 2, 2017

Nero has been with us for about 2 weeks now and is he ever a sweetheart. How a dog this relaxed and bomb proof was in a shelter for 4 years is beyond me. He is sweet and loving and full of affection. He likes to stand “on guard” at the edge of the back porch and look out to make sure there’s no squirrels in his space. Nero has recently found his voice and also uses this to scare off squirrels and cars alike!

Gallery of Nero’s life in his foster home November 2017 to present



Nero’s History

He was one of the longest residents at the Scooby shelter in Spain, he arrived on October 1, 2013. His name… his colour, Negro.  Overlooked for over years, but has finally arrived to Canada in November 17, 2017 and has been renamed Nero.

Nero’s profile at the shelter read:
Nero is a social, balance male who gets along well both male and female dogs.  He has been tested with cats and did well.  you can view the cat test video here.
He is also pretty good on a leash, which is amazing since a year ago, he hated his collar and the leash was 100% a no go! But look at him here… completely outfitted and ready to go for a walk. We think he would have probably walked straight to Canada when this video was made. Nero on a leash.

Nero is noble, reserved, loyal, sensible.  He makes himself unnoticed and watches you from a distance until he is sure you are a friend. We prefer not to think, not to know what(or who) made him so suspicious. But he is brave and clever and although not an pushy dog he likes and loves people. When you visit his paddock he doesn’t  jump on you but you can be sure he is happy to see you, the happiest in his paddock.

He looks at you waggling his tail and when you are “free” he comes slowly and gives you a shy kiss. He feels relaxed near the people he knows. He loves playing with toys. He is well-mannered and knows “Sit!”. He is good with other dogs; being with his friends gives him security. Nero finally trusts people again so he now needs someone who also trusts him and who will give him a proper loving home.


Gallery of Nero’s life at the shelter from 2012 – 2017.





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