Hello from Scooby Canada

We are very excited to announce the launch of Scooby Canada.  It was 10 years ago,  almost to the day, that I (Eva) went on my first trip to Scooby.  Things were so different then… There was one staff member, minimal volunteers, and a lot of dogs.  There was no database for the dogs, no online voice outside of the website and a lot of dogs. There weren’t auctions or fundraisers, just people who knew about Scooby wanting to help in any way they could.

The shelter didn’t have Scooby Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Italy, USA, Canada.  People around the world didn’t know what a Galgo was, they didn’t know what was happening to these dogs.

Over the past 10 years Scooby is known around the world and the awareness of the Galgo has spread like wild fire.  The shelter has always been the biggest in Spain and continues to operate at 300+ dogs on average, on any given day.

We are very proud to represent Scooby in Canada.  Our philosophy is simple… a dog in need, is a dog in need.  It doesn’t matter where, what or when.  We will work with the shelter in Spain to raise the awareness of the plight of the Galgo and also promote and support adoption efforts for all the breeds at Scooby.

Please have a look around the site to get a better idea of what Scooby Canada does and how you can help the dogs at the Scooby shelter.  We hope that together we can make a difference for the animals that need it!



Covid-19 Update

December 12, 2020: Due to the current situation, we are not flying to or from Spain to bring dogs to Canada for adoption. We are not accepting applications for adoptions until further notice.

We encourage you to support the Scooby Medina shelter directly, with monetary donations to support them during this difficult time.