Welcome Roco!

The first Galgo adopted through Scooby Canada arrived on Canadian soil on Dec 13, 2014 and it happened with the help of so many amazing people!

His story is typical for that of a galgo.  Found as a stray puppy in Spain, Roco was taken in by a family for a few months, but was then brought to the Scooby shelter.

Roco is not even a year old but he has already flown on a plane, been to Madrid, Miami, California and finally now lives in West Vancouver. As some might know first hand, no matter how well a transport is planned, there are bound to be bumps along the road.  Roco was set to fly from Madrid to New York, spend time in a foster home for a week and then hitch a ride on Cathay Pacific on Dec 9 with a family friend.  Everything was set.. or was it …  The flight patrons, Margie and Mora were informed at check-in that the flight was over booked and they would have to connect in Miami and continue to San Fran.

Roco’s new family really rolled with everything and patiently waited until we got word on his arrival and destination.  Fortunately, he was able to spend time with the great group in California, Greyhound Friends for Life and was taken care of perfectly until we found someone to drive him north to Canada.  Thank you Elisabeth for being able to make the drive with Roco so he could join his family before the holidays.

A huge thanks to the following people and groups who helped make Roco’s journey a safe one: The Scooby Team in Spain, Scooby North America, Greyhound Friends for Life and Barbara Judson, Margie Easter and Mora Gozani, Elisabeth Matt and of course Roco’s new family, Rebecca and Peter and Saluki, Lucca.  We know that he will be loved and by the looks of it, he loves his new life already.

This just in from his his family:

He loves playing in the backyard and he loves all the toys. He is a great little guy. We really lucked out. He is also as smart as a whip and is learning to sit for treats.
We love him to bits.
PS. He owns the couch. If you try to move him he goes limp. Too funny.



Covid-19 Update

December 12, 2020: Due to the current situation, we are not flying to or from Spain to bring dogs to Canada for adoption. We are not accepting applications for adoptions until further notice.

We encourage you to support the Scooby Medina shelter directly, with monetary donations to support them during this difficult time.